I was recently featured in Oh Marie! Magazine. An creative online magazine based in the Netherlands.
As part of the feature I designed a free desktop/tablet/phone wallpaper for their Tropicana issue. I also gave the Oh Marie! logo a Tropicana magazine and did an interview.
You can read the interview here (in Dutch)
and also Download the free Wallpaper.

Or you can read my interview in English below:


Name: Emily Nelson

Age:  27

Current mission: Illustrator.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Emily is an over-imaginative, animal-loving artist, who thrives best at the beach in summer.

Imagine you would live in the jungle. How would you spend your days? 

Befriending animals, climbing trees and relaxing in my jungle hut.

On your website you mention that you on a variety of exciting, nonregular objects like wall murals and a life sized circus food caravan. How do you work on surfaces like that? We imagine they work way different than plain paper?

I approached these surfaces in the same way that I normally work. All of my large scale works so far have been Hi-Res digital prints onto panels or wall paper. The main challenge working with such large canvases was finding a way to translate my usual hand painted textures into a vector format and working with huge file sizes. I’d love to hand paint a mural one day though! It’s on my list of things to do.

What is your main/favourite method of working?

I love to paint and experiment with loose strokes, make funny mistakes and create lots of colours and textures.

What is it that you love about dogs?

I have a pet dog named Pommy. He is the best animal, I love him so much! A lot of my dog based illustrations started from imagining Pommy as a life sized friend who I could talk to and go on adventures with. haha. My obsession just grew from there! Dogs have such funny and unique personalities.

What would your dream project be like?

It’d be a dream to see my art work on ceramics and textiles! Hopefully this dream will be a reality very soon.

What is your favourite object in your working space?

My favourite object is my computer! It sounds materialistic, but my husband (who was still my boyfriend at the time) bought me a new computer at a time where I was really struggling as an artist and my old computer was about to die. His gift really enabled me to move forward with my work and I’ll always be grateful for his support. My other favourite item is my dolphin watering can. I make dolphin sounds every time I water the plants.

What is your favourite summer memory?

My favourite summer memory has to be my wedding at the start of this year! My husband and I got married in our favourite location, on the beach at North Stradbroke Island (A little island just off the coast of Brisbane, Australia where we live). It is an amazing island and we go there every year to swim, eat gelato and watch the dolphins that live around the island. We had a tropical island, tiki style party for our wedding celebration. We decorated everything ourselves with lots of pineapples, a tiki bar, leis, grass skirting and paper flowers. My husband is a musician and there was lots of amazing live music at our wedding. I even walked down to the ceremony with a brass band. We laughed and cried, ate paella and cupcakes until our bellies were full and danced wildly into the night with our friends. It was magical.

Club Tropicana or Last Christmas? 

Club Tropicana of course!